Where We Came From

Mr Christopher Knight is the founder of Animals-Remembered Association and Paw-Print Publications Ltd.
I met Chris when he visited me prior to forming the companies as he needed a website designer.  Within five hours of running ideas back and forth he offered me a place next to him as a director of both companies.  He said that two animal minds were better than one! 

And so, on St Patrick's Day the 17th March 2010 both companies were born. 
Chris said that if we chose that day that we would never forget our Anniversary!

Chris passed away a month later in April and left us all in a state of shock. 
It has taken me close to three years to complete this mission and I hope that he is as proud as I am. 
RIP Chris, my friend.

It came as no surprise to my friends and family when I told them about the two companies and that I planned to work on them in remembrance of Chris and my beloved cat, Tilly Mint.

I think in a way I was always destined to have a life long involvement with animals, according to my mum I have always said that one day I would write a book about them.  Well - here they are! - Kids & Pets Volume One and Volume Two have now been completed and I am over the moon! 

I will continue to publish ongoing volumes with my one goal in mind;  To Help Animals In Need.

A news update - Rev James Thompson - The Animals Padre has offered to become our patron, I couldn't be happier.  Rev James is 83 and dedicates his time raising animal remembrance awareness.  I look forward to campaigning alongside him.  Thank you for the honour.

                                                                                                           Carrie-Anne Dean

Carrie-Anne Dean


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