We are VERY happy to announce that we now sell ARA remembrance poppy wreaths with all proceeds going to those animals who work to support/help and save the lives of us mere humans!


Our Himalayan Silk Poppy Wreaths are a beautiful tribute to all those animals who have passed away whether as a treasured pet or in the conflicts of war.  

Our wreaths are on sale year round and with the help of the Royal British Legion we hope to see our wreaths in all places where Animal Remembrance takes place.


100 poppies are skillfully seated on a 20" lightweight half round (the bottom is flat) wreath ring. There are 3 layers of poppies.  The flower is a Himalayan Blue Poppy, the same as our logo and lapel pins.

Truly, they are beautiful.



Cost - £35.00 plus £6.80 Shipping.  (included in price.)

This applies per order.

20" Animals-Remembered Association Himalayan Blue Poppy Wreath

SKU: Wreath00001
Color: Blue