Our Visitors

Welcome to our visitor map.  Each pink marker signifies a visitors location.  The blue marker is our location. 
We are now able to view all those that have spent time on our website.
Thank you for taking the time to check us out!
Please note it does take time to acquire the data, most visitors will show up within three days so don't panic if you do not see your location at first!  Fuchsia markers are used as general location indicators.
For those of you that donate to use the Members Remembrance Gallery on this website your pets picture will now pop up at your location, with your permission of course.  If you would like to see your pet on our  global map then please use the contact form on the contact page of this website.  Thank you.
Over at our other companies website;  Paw-Print Publications Ltd  we offer you a fuchsia marker for when you are a visitor and an image of the Kids & Pets book jacket/cover for when you purchase a book.  This will be with your consent of course.
When you purchase your copy please let us know your address and I will add a Book Marker for you.
Thank you for your involvement.