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Our Petition

Pictured above is the long overdue Animals In War memorial that was unveiled on Wednesday the 24th of November 2004 by HRH Princess Anne.  Clicking the picture will take you to their website.

Many of you will ask ''Why now, why petition now for a poppy day for animal remembrance, we have a monument that is dedicated to all those animals so why do we need an annual remembrance day''?

In answer to those sorts of questions I would like to start by replying, ''Why not,  why should we as a nation stay ignorant of all those animals that 'had no choice' who gave their lives so selflessly, don't they deserve to be annually remembered too?

The veterans got their poppy day through public pressure, rallies, petitions etc so why should this sort of campaigning for animals be any different? 

They fought too, they fought to stay alive, they gave their loyalty to those veterans, many of whom have shared their animal stories, some of them tell of how animals saved their lives.  I am more than sure that if all the veterans who are still alive were informed of this petition many of them would sign it.

Not many people know that this monument of ours exists and those that do never think to ask the questions I have.  If we have a monument dedicated to animals why don't we have an annual remembrance day for them also.  Why give them medals and make them war heroes if not to commemorate them annually on their own special day?

Maybe one day soon when we have enough signatures someone will take notice and answer this question, we won't know unless we try, will we''?