Our Lapel Pins

It took two months of planning, over 460 hours (19 days and 4 hours!) of painstaking attention to detail and a lot of patience to create our Animals-Remembered Association Lapel Pins.  Unfortunately Chris never got to see them but I stuck to the plan and chose the Himalayan Blue Poppy as our flower of choice, the rest just fell into place.  Below is a detailed account of how they were designed and manufactured.  I am very proud to have conquered this mission but I couldn't have done it without the use of Paint.Net and many joint ideas.

The Hunt For The Perfect Poppy.

I spent many hours searching the floral websites for the perfect poppy .  There are so many different shades and centers to choose from but I had an image in my mind and eventually the search paid off!  ​

Once I had the perfect poppy I then needed to get to grips with Paint.Net, a slightly more advanced version of the free drawing and design program, Paint.  I originally saw the lapel pin as an oval design but quickly realised that that idea would not work as it would be hard to manufacture and more than likely would look flimsy, cheap.  I wanted something special, something sturdy yet elegant, something perfect!

Animals-Remembered Association
Animals-Remembered Association

Taking Shape - Slowly.

I wanted to use an English company to manufacture our lapel pins but the cost was incredibly high.  After nearly 3 weeks of back and forth emails I finally found a reputable Chinese company that were willing to work with me.  According to the majority of companies I spoke with my design was too intricate for them!

The picture opposite shows the lapel pin in it's present form;  round!  I wanted the lettering in raised polished brass and polished brass behind the poppy.  Originally I wanted the poppy to be raised but this was deemed impossible so I settled for a smooth enamel finish.  After some final adjustments I was happy with the design. 


Animals-Remembered Association
Animals-Remembered Association

This picture is the design I settled on and after more back and forth emailing we settled on a final price and I sat back and waited for them to arrive.  I didn't order any samples because I was more than sure that I would love them,  I was nervous though!

Animals-Remembered Association

The Long Awaited Arrival.

After the longest three weeks of my life the lapel pins arrived and I was overjoyed with the result.

The lettering for Animals-Remembered Association and EST 2010 is stunning in raised brass.  The poppy is beautiful in soft enamel and the orange center is perfectly raised and intricate.

The polished brass behind the poppy brings it all together, the colour scheme is mirrored beautifully. 

I love the butterfly backing too, it is less intrusive than other fastenings.

Overall I am over the moon with my creation and I love that people are wearing them with pride!  Thank you for your support.


Our Remembrance Lapel Pins are £3.00 per pin.
We are a non-profit organisation, our aims are to donate funds raised to disaster dogs/mountain rescue animals, guide dogs and therapy animals.  We want to help those animals who work tirelessly to help people.
Some of the proceeds of course help us to maintain our website, re-supply our lapel pins and help us cover the paypal fees and the postage.  Thank you for your generous donations.  We couldn't do this without you.
Animals-Remembered Association


-- JULY 2017 --

Our very own Himalayan Blue Poppy Wreaths are on the Here!

Watch this space for 

photo's and ordering information!!