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Welcome to our 'Friends' page.

We love supporting like minded charities and non-profit businesses on our website, social media sites and by word of mouth.  Our list is growing and we look forward to having more and more added over time.

Take a look at the wonderful work they do and please like and share them with your friends.

 "Sharing is caring and 'It's nice to be nice"!

Thank you.

The LOL Foundation

The LOL Foundation - Listening Out Loud - Life After The Services.


Helping Homeless Ex-Forces Personnel.


Jill & Andy Dolmon, the LOL Foundation founders and trustees, have been tirelessley

campaiging for homeless ex-forces servicemen/women since October 2010.


Based in Congleton, Cheshire, they have created a sense of community and are the reason their base is known as 'The Little Town With The Biggest Heart'.


The LOL Foundation helps members with housing, mental health support and return to work support.  They have been allocated housing in Canal Street, Congleton.

They are our friends, our mentors, our inspiration.  


Keep up the fantastic work LOL!


Cheshire Horse Sanctuary Ltd


Helping Horses, Helping People.


Tracy and Graham Brewer are the founders of this not-for-profit sanctuary which is based on the outskirts of Chester, Cheshire. 

They are seeking to become a charitable status by utilising 'Equine Assisted Therapy'.


We support them in their aims, there are so many benefits of this therapy when combined with PTSD and other mental health problems.


We support them by volunteering at the sanctuary and by helping them to fundraise.

Why not volunteer today?!


Wetnose Animal Aid

Wetnose Animal Aid


“One paw, hoof and claw at a time”

WETNOSE ANIMAL AID was launched 16 years ago as a non-profit Ltd Company and trade mark 3124133 by Andrea & Gavin Gamby-Boulger;  Wetnose Animal Aid is all about helping the smaller Rescue Centres and small groups that nobody gets to hear about.  Wetnose aims to promote and support these centres, as there is no government aid, or lottery grants or any other financial assistance and many do not have £5,000 worth of funds to be become Registered Charity.


The Wetnose team are committed to raising funds to help the Animal Rescue Centres who do wonderful work caring for sick animals and wildlife but never get the recognition they truly deserve.  As ex-kennels owners we know how stressful it is to care and rescue animals and work 24/7 with no holidays, and to be called out at a moment’s notice. Wetnose will visit many Rescue Centres after the centre has completed an Application Form, funds are released to pay off vets bills or feed bills or we buy equipment.


Their aim is to have a 'National Fundraising Day' for all animals and wildlife.  Wetnose Day 4 Animals is a real chance to give sick, abused animals and wildlife a proper voice, to remind people to ‘think rescue’ rather than buying a puppy from a breeder or over the internet.  As part of the event they can raise the profile of the amazing pets that come into rescue who have so much love and fun to bring to caring new owner.  This day will help educate children about the importance of having Rescue Centres and too look after our pets sensibly and with care.


Their commitment and passion as a totally unique non-profit company is to care about education and support for animal welfare, if you like one of their projects please get in touch and talk, say hello on Facebook and Twitter. www.wetnoseanimalaid.com email: andrea@wetnoseanimalaid.com or telephone 01508 518650.