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Many Animals Died During Wartime.  Remembering them  will help us raise money for those animals that are  WORKING to HELP people.  Our aims are to support disaster dogs/mountain rescue animals, guide dogs and therapy animals.  Your donation helps.  Wear our 'poppy pin' with pride and know that you have given to a worthwhile cause.  Thank You.

​About Animals-Remembered

Animals-Remembered Association is a 'not for profit' organisation that focuses on Animal Remembrance.  We want to create and issue a Himalayan Blue Poppy Wreath that will symbolise the remembrance of ALL animals;  those that served and those animals that were our cherished friends.  Raising animal awareness through remembrance needs more than one voice and I am more than happy to stand up and be that added extra.   All the proceeds raised from the lapel pin and wreath sales go towards helping those animals who help people, namely;  disaster dogs/mountain rescue animals, guide dogs and therapy animals.

Meconopsis Betonicifolia

We chose the Himalayan Blue Poppy to be a part of our logo because 'It captures the imagination and never fails to let you down once you start trying to grow it yourself'!  That has become our motto;

'To keep trying until we truly can make a difference'!
We are hoping to be present for Remembrance Day annually at the 'Animals In War Memorial' Park Gate, London.  The monument pays tribute to all the animals that served, suffered and died alongside the British, Commonwealth and Allied forces in the wars and conflicts of the 20th century.
Our Commitment To You
​Not only do we honour all animals by raising funds for them but we also offer you a place to remember your cherished pet, a special place for you to share your memories.  It's simple, just email the picture of your pet (max 1 pet per person) along with a few words, make a small donation and we will do the rest.  Once your pictures and text have been added to the site a lapel pin will be sent out to you in the post and you will become an associate member of our team. 
Lapel Pins/Wreaths For Sale
In order to help raise funds the Animals-Remembered Association lapel pins will be for sale at £3.00 per pin.  Our lapel pin is available year round and NOW we have our very own Himalayan blue poppy wreaths for sale.  Click the pictures opposite and you will be taken to our donation page.  Once we have processed your donations your lapel pins/wreaths will be sent by post to the address you have verified on your PayPal account.  Thank you in advance for your support, we look forward to welcoming you as an associate member. 



We are now supplying Himalayan Blue Poppy Wreaths in TWO different sizes!!


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Disaster Dogs/Search 

And Rescue Animals.

Guide Dogs/Puppy Training/Sponsorship

Therapy Animals & Sponsorship.

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